OperatingSystem(PlatformID, Version) OperatingSystem(PlatformID, Version) OperatingSystem(PlatformID, Version) Constructor


Initializes a new instance of the OperatingSystem class, using the specified platform identifier value and version object.

 OperatingSystem(PlatformID platform, Version ^ version);
public OperatingSystem (PlatformID platform, Version version);
new OperatingSystem : PlatformID * Version -> OperatingSystem


PlatformID PlatformID PlatformID

One of the PlatformID values that indicates the operating system platform.

Version Version Version

A Version object that indicates the version of the operating system.


platform is not a PlatformID enumeration value.

Notes to Callers

If you are using the OperatingSystem class to retrieve information about the runtime operating system, you should not call this constructor to instantiate an OperatingSystem object. Instead, you can retrieve an OperatingSystem object that describes the operating system from the OSVersion property.

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