PageQualitativeResolution PageQualitativeResolution PageQualitativeResolution PageQualitativeResolution Enum


Specifies the page resolution as a qualitative, non-numerical, value.

public enum class PageQualitativeResolution
public enum PageQualitativeResolution
type PageQualitativeResolution = 
Public Enum PageQualitativeResolution


Default Default Default Default 1

The default qualitative resolution for the printer.

Draft Draft Draft Draft 2

Draft-level quality, which is 300 dpi for most printers.

High High High High 3

High quality, which is 1200 dpi or greater for most printers.

Normal Normal Normal Normal 4

Normal quality, which is 600 dpi for most printers.

Other Other Other Other 5

Other quality.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The feature (whose options are represented by this enumeration) is set to an option not defined in the Print Schema.


You can use this type as an alternative, or supplement, to stating resolution in dots per inch (dpi).

This enumeration is used to provide values for the QualitativeResolution property. The PageResolution class, in turn, is used to provide values for the PageResolutionCapability property where it specifies the various resolutions that a printer supports, and the PageResolution property, where it instructs a printer what resolution to use.

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