PrintCapabilities.PageBorderlessCapability Property


Gets a collection of values that indicate whether the printer can print up to the edge of the media.

 property System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::Printing::PageBorderless> ^ PageBorderlessCapability { System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::Printing::PageBorderless> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.Printing.PageBorderless> PageBorderlessCapability { get; }
member this.PageBorderlessCapability : System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.Printing.PageBorderless>
Public ReadOnly Property PageBorderlessCapability As ReadOnlyCollection(Of PageBorderless)

Property Value


A ReadOnlyCollection<T> of PageBorderless values.


Most laser and inkjet printers do not support borderless printing. They must allow an unprinted margin to prevent toner from getting on the parts of the printer that move the paper. Many photographic printers, however, do support borderless printing.

If the printer does not support borderless printing, the collection is empty.

This property corresponds to the Print Schema's PageBorderless keyword.

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