MethodInfo.ReturnType MethodInfo.ReturnType MethodInfo.ReturnType MethodInfo.ReturnType Property


Gets the return type of this method.

 abstract property Type ^ ReturnType { Type ^ get(); };
public abstract Type ReturnType { get; }
member this.ReturnType : Type
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property ReturnType As Type

Property Value

The return type of this method.



The following example displays the return type of the specified method.

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Reflection;
int main()
   Console::WriteLine( "\nReflection.MethodInfo" );
   // Get the Type and MethodInfo.
   Type^ MyType = Type::GetType( "System.Reflection.FieldInfo" );
   MethodInfo^ Mymethodinfo = MyType->GetMethod( "GetValue" );
   Console::Write( "\n{0}.{1}", MyType->FullName, Mymethodinfo->Name );
   // Get and display the ReturnType.
   Console::Write( "\nReturnType = {0}", Mymethodinfo->ReturnType );
   return 0;

using System;
using System.Reflection;

class Mymethodinfo
    public static int Main()
        Console.WriteLine ("\nReflection.MethodInfo");
        // Get the Type and MethodInfo.
        Type MyType = Type.GetType("System.Reflection.FieldInfo");
        MethodInfo Mymethodinfo = MyType.GetMethod("GetValue");
        Console.Write ("\n" + MyType.FullName + "." + Mymethodinfo.Name);
        // Get and display the ReturnType.
        Console.Write ("\nReturnType = {0}", Mymethodinfo.ReturnType);
        return 0;
Imports System.Reflection

Class Mymethodinfo1

    Public Shared Function Main() As Integer
        Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Cr + "Reflection.MethodInfo")

        'Get the Type and MethodInfo.
        Dim MyType As Type = Type.GetType("System.Reflection.FieldInfo")
        Dim Mymethodinfo As MethodInfo = MyType.GetMethod("GetValue")
        Console.Write(ControlChars.Cr _
           + MyType.FullName + "." + Mymethodinfo.Name)

        'Get and display the ReturnType.
        Console.Write(ControlChars.Cr _
           + "ReturnType = {0}", Mymethodinfo.ReturnType)
        Return 0
    End Function
End Class


To get the return type property, first get the class Type. From the Type, get the MethodInfo. From the MethodInfo, get the ReturnType.

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