CallSite<T> CallSite<T> CallSite<T> CallSite<T> Class


Dynamic site type.

generic <typename T>
 where T : classpublic ref class CallSite : System::Runtime::CompilerServices::CallSite
public class CallSite<T> : System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CallSite where T : class
type CallSite<'T (requires 'T : null)> = class
    inherit CallSite
Public Class CallSite(Of T)
Inherits CallSite

Type Parameters


The delegate type.



Target Target Target Target

The Level 0 cache - a delegate specialized based on the site history.


Binder Binder Binder Binder

Class responsible for binding dynamic operations on the dynamic site.

(Inherited from CallSite)
Update Update Update Update

The update delegate. Called when the dynamic site experiences cache miss.


Create(CallSiteBinder) Create(CallSiteBinder) Create(CallSiteBinder) Create(CallSiteBinder)

Creates an instance of the dynamic call site, initialized with the binder responsible for the runtime binding of the dynamic operations at this call site.

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