IRunningObjectTable Interface


Provides the managed definition of the IRunningObjectTable interface.

public interface class IRunningObjectTable
public interface IRunningObjectTable
public interface IRunningObjectTable
public interface IRunningObjectTable
type IRunningObjectTable = interface
Public Interface IRunningObjectTable


You can retrieve an interface to the running object table by calling the COM GetRunningObjectTable function.

For more information, see the documentation for the COM IRunningObjectTable interface in the MSDN library.

The common language runtime throws an exception when a COM method in native code returns an HRESULT. For more information, see How to: Map HRESULTs and Exceptions.



Enumerates the objects currently registered as running.

GetObject(IMoniker, Object)

Returns the registered object if the supplied object name is registered as running.

GetTimeOfLastChange(IMoniker, FILETIME)

Searches for this moniker in the Running Object Table (ROT) and reports the recorded time of change, if present.


Determines whether the specified moniker is currently registered in the Running Object Table (ROT).

NoteChangeTime(Int32, FILETIME)

Notes the time that a particular object changed so IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange can report an appropriate change time.

Register(Int32, Object, IMoniker)

Registers that the supplied object has entered the running state.


Unregisters the specified object from the Running Object Table (ROT).

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