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DataContractJsonSerializer.IgnoreExtensionDataObject Property


Gets a value that specifies whether unknown data is ignored on deserialization and whether the IExtensibleDataObject interface is ignored on serialization.

 property bool IgnoreExtensionDataObject { bool get(); };
public bool IgnoreExtensionDataObject { get; }
member this.IgnoreExtensionDataObject : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IgnoreExtensionDataObject As Boolean

Property Value

true to ignore unknown data and IExtensibleDataObject; otherwise, false.


The IgnoreExtensionDataObject property affects types to which a DataContractAttribute attribute has been applied and that also implement the IExtensibleDataObject interface. In this case when IExtensibleDataObject is true, data added in future versions of the contract is ignored on read and write. For more information, see Forward-Compatible Data Contracts.

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