SerializationInfoEnumerator.Name Property


Gets the name for the item currently being examined.

 property System::String ^ Name { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Name { get; }
member this.Name : string
Public ReadOnly Property Name As String

Property Value

The item name.


The enumerator has not started enumerating items or has reached the end of the enumeration.


The following code example demonstrates the Name property. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the SerializationInfo class.

    static void DisplaySerializationInfo(SerializationInfo^ info)
        Console::WriteLine("Values in the SerializationInfo:");
        for each (SerializationEntry^ infoEntry in info)
            Console::WriteLine("Name={0}, ObjectType={1}, Value={2}",
                infoEntry->Name, infoEntry->ObjectType, infoEntry->Value);
private void DisplaySerializationInfo(SerializationInfo info)
    SerializationInfoEnumerator e = info.GetEnumerator();
    Console.WriteLine("Values in the SerializationInfo:");
    while (e.MoveNext())
        Console.WriteLine("Name={0}, ObjectType={1}, Value={2}", e.Name, e.ObjectType, e.Value);

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