ResourceType ResourceType ResourceType ResourceType Enum


Specifies the defined native object types.

public enum class ResourceType
public enum ResourceType
type ResourceType = 
Public Enum ResourceType


DSObject DSObject DSObject DSObject 8

A directory service (DS) object or a property set or property of a directory service object.

DSObjectAll DSObjectAll DSObjectAll DSObjectAll 9

A directory service object and all of its property sets and properties.

FileObject FileObject FileObject FileObject 1

A file or directory.

KernelObject KernelObject KernelObject KernelObject 6

A local kernel object.

LMShare LMShare LMShare LMShare 5

A network share.

Printer Printer Printer Printer 3

A printer.

ProviderDefined ProviderDefined ProviderDefined ProviderDefined 10

An object defined by a provider.

RegistryKey RegistryKey RegistryKey RegistryKey 4

A registry key.

RegistryWow6432Key RegistryWow6432Key RegistryWow6432Key RegistryWow6432Key 12

An object for a registry entry under WOW64.

Service Service Service Service 2

A Windows service.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

An unknown object type.

WindowObject WindowObject WindowObject WindowObject 7

A window station or desktop object on the local computer.

WmiGuidObject WmiGuidObject WmiGuidObject WmiGuidObject 11

A Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) object.

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