ExtendedProtectionPolicy.CustomChannelBinding Property


Gets a custom channel binding token (CBT) to use for validation.

 property System::Security::Authentication::ExtendedProtection::ChannelBinding ^ CustomChannelBinding { System::Security::Authentication::ExtendedProtection::ChannelBinding ^ get(); };
public System.Security.Authentication.ExtendedProtection.ChannelBinding? CustomChannelBinding { get; }
public System.Security.Authentication.ExtendedProtection.ChannelBinding CustomChannelBinding { get; }
member this.CustomChannelBinding : System.Security.Authentication.ExtendedProtection.ChannelBinding
Public ReadOnly Property CustomChannelBinding As ChannelBinding

Property Value


A ChannelBinding that contains a custom channel binding to use for validation.


This read-only property represents a custom channel binding token to use for validation. This is used in advanced scenarios when the CBT is provided by a custom outer channel. An example scenario might use this property in combination with SslStream and NegotiateStream.

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