StorePermissionAttribute.Flags Property


Gets or sets the store permissions.

 property System::Security::Permissions::StorePermissionFlags Flags { System::Security::Permissions::StorePermissionFlags get(); void set(System::Security::Permissions::StorePermissionFlags value); };
public System.Security.Permissions.StorePermissionFlags Flags { get; set; }
member this.Flags : System.Security.Permissions.StorePermissionFlags with get, set
Public Property Flags As StorePermissionFlags

Property Value

A bitwise combination of the StorePermissionFlags values. The default is NoFlags.



Many of these flags are powerful and permit access to stores that should be granted only to highly trusted code.

The most powerful of the flags are AddToStore, CreateStore, DeleteStore, and AllFlags. For specific threats posed by the use of these flags, see individual flag descriptions.

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