StrongNameIdentityPermission.PublicKey Property


Gets or sets the public key blob that defines the strong name identity namespace.

 property System::Security::Permissions::StrongNamePublicKeyBlob ^ PublicKey { System::Security::Permissions::StrongNamePublicKeyBlob ^ get(); void set(System::Security::Permissions::StrongNamePublicKeyBlob ^ value); };
public System.Security.Permissions.StrongNamePublicKeyBlob PublicKey { get; set; }
member this.PublicKey : System.Security.Permissions.StrongNamePublicKeyBlob with get, set
Public Property PublicKey As StrongNamePublicKeyBlob

Property Value

A StrongNamePublicKeyBlob that contains the public key of the identity, or null if there is no key.


The property value is set to null.

The property value cannot be retrieved because it contains an ambiguous identity.

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