WebBrowserPermissionLevel Enum


Specifies the permission level for a Web browser.

public enum class WebBrowserPermissionLevel
public enum WebBrowserPermissionLevel
type WebBrowserPermissionLevel = 
Public Enum WebBrowserPermissionLevel


None 0

A Web browser that cannot navigate frames to HTML.

Safe 1

A Web browser that can safely navigate frames to HTML but with several restrictions.

Unrestricted 2

A Web browser that can navigate without restrictions.


The following example shows how to demand that the calling code has unrestricted permission to create a Web browser control.

[WebBrowserPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.Demand, Level = WebBrowserPermissionLevel.Unrestricted)]
<WebBrowserPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.Demand, Level:=WebBrowserPermissionLevel.Unrestricted)>
Public Sub Method03()
End Sub


Use this enumeration to set the Level property of the WebBrowserPermission class.

The Safe permission level restricts the following Web browser operations.

  • A pop-up window cannot be created over the Web browser control.

  • The Web browser control can only be navigated to its site of origin.

  • The security settings of the Web browser control are reduced.

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