CodeGroup.PolicyStatement Property


Gets or sets the policy statement associated with the code group.

 property System::Security::Policy::PolicyStatement ^ PolicyStatement { System::Security::Policy::PolicyStatement ^ get(); void set(System::Security::Policy::PolicyStatement ^ value); };
public System.Security.Policy.PolicyStatement PolicyStatement { get; set; }
member this.PolicyStatement : System.Security.Policy.PolicyStatement with get, set
Public Property PolicyStatement As PolicyStatement

Property Value

The policy statement for the code group.


The following example sets the PolicyStatement for a code group.

codeGroup->PolicyStatement = gcnew PolicyStatement( gcnew NamedPermissionSet( "MyPermissionSet" ) );
codeGroup.PolicyStatement = new PolicyStatement(new NamedPermissionSet("MyPermissionSet"));
codeGroup.PolicyStatement = New PolicyStatement(New NamedPermissionSet("MyPermissionSet"))


The policy statement applies to code in assemblies when evidence matches the membership condition.

This property can also be set by passing a policy statement to the constructor.

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