ContentRight ContentRight ContentRight ContentRight Enum


Specifies rights that can be granted to users for accessing content in a rights managed document.

public enum class ContentRight
public enum ContentRight
type ContentRight = 
Public Enum ContentRight


DocumentEdit DocumentEdit DocumentEdit DocumentEdit 11

The user can edit the document that contains the protected content.

Edit Edit Edit Edit 1

The user can edit and encrypt the protected content.

Export Export Export Export 12

The user can export the protected content.

Extract Extract Extract Extract 3

The user can extract (copy and paste) the protected content.

Forward Forward Forward Forward 7

The user can forward the protected content to another user.

ObjectModel ObjectModel ObjectModel ObjectModel 4

The user can control programmed access to the protected content.

Owner Owner Owner Owner 5

The user is the content owner. The owner can edit and encrypt the protected content, and decrypt the signed PublishLicense.

Print Print Print Print 2

The user can print the protected content.

Reply Reply Reply Reply 8

The user can reply to the sender of the protected content.

ReplyAll ReplyAll ReplyAll ReplyAll 9

The user can "reply all" to recipients of the protected content.

Sign Sign Sign Sign 10

The user can digitally sign the protected content.

View View View View 0

The user can view the protected content.

ViewRightsData ViewRightsData ViewRightsData ViewRightsData 6

The user can decrypt and view the rights specified in the signed PublishLicense.


All rights allow users to decrypt protected content. In addition, the enumeration values that follow grant specific additional rights.

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