BasicHttpBinding.Security BasicHttpBinding.Security BasicHttpBinding.Security BasicHttpBinding.Security Property


Gets the type of security used with this binding.

 property System::ServiceModel::BasicHttpSecurity ^ Security { System::ServiceModel::BasicHttpSecurity ^ get(); void set(System::ServiceModel::BasicHttpSecurity ^ value); };
public System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpSecurity Security { get; set; }
member this.Security : System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpSecurity with get, set
Public Property Security As BasicHttpSecurity

Property Value

The BasicHttpSecurity that is used with this binding. The default value is None.


The following example gets the Security property.

BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
BasicHttpSecurity security = binding.Security;


By default, the SOAP message is not secured and the client is not authenticated. To use a non-default type of security, use the BasicHttpBinding(BasicHttpSecurityMode) constructor.

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