IRequestChannel.RemoteAddress IRequestChannel.RemoteAddress IRequestChannel.RemoteAddress IRequestChannel.RemoteAddress Property


Gets the remote address to which the request channel sends messages.

 property System::ServiceModel::EndpointAddress ^ RemoteAddress { System::ServiceModel::EndpointAddress ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress RemoteAddress { get; }
member this.RemoteAddress : System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress
Public ReadOnly Property RemoteAddress As EndpointAddress

Property Value

The EndpointAddress to which the request channel sends messages.


The following code shows how to implement this property.

public EndpointAddress RemoteAddress
    get { return this.InnerChannel.RemoteAddress; }


The EndpointAddress serves as both the ultimate destination and the physical address if a Via is not specified. If the Via is specified, then that is the actual physical address to which the message is sent and through which the message must go to arrive at its destination.

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