MessageEncoder.GetProperty<T> Method


Returns a typed object requested, if present, from the appropriate layer in the channel stack.

generic <typename T>
 where T : class virtual T GetProperty();
public virtual T GetProperty<T> () where T : class;
abstract member GetProperty : unit -> 'T (requires 'T : null)
override this.GetProperty : unit -> 'T (requires 'T : null)
Public Overridable Function GetProperty(Of T As Class) () As T

Type Parameters


The typed object for which the method is querying.



The typed object T requested if it is present or null if it is not.


Use this to request a typed object such as an interface for setting properties or getting status from the appropriate layer in the channel stack. If a layer supports returning the requested object, it returns it. If not, it delegates the call down to the next layer in the stack. If it gets to the bottom of the stack and no channel layer supported the requested object, then the method returns null.

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