ServiceCredentials.Clone ServiceCredentials.Clone ServiceCredentials.Clone ServiceCredentials.Clone Method


Creates a copy of the current instance.

 System::ServiceModel::Description::ServiceCredentials ^ Clone();
public System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceCredentials Clone ();
member this.Clone : unit -> System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceCredentials
Public Function Clone () As ServiceCredentials



The following code shows how to call this method.

// Create a service host.
Uri httpUri = new Uri("http://localhost/Calculator");
ServiceHost sh = new ServiceHost(typeof(Calculator), httpUri);

// Create a binding that uses a WindowsServiceCredential .
WSHttpBinding b = new WSHttpBinding(SecurityMode.Message);
b.Security.Message.ClientCredentialType = MessageCredentialType.Windows;

// Add an endpoint.
sh.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(ICalculator), b, "WindowsCalculator");

// Clone these credentials.
ServiceCredentials cloneCredential =

' Create a service host.
Dim httpUri As New Uri("http://localhost/Calculator")
Dim sh As New ServiceHost(GetType(Calculator), httpUri)

' Create a binding that uses a WindowsServiceCredential .
Dim b As New WSHttpBinding(SecurityMode.Message)
b.Security.Message.ClientCredentialType = MessageCredentialType.Windows

' Add an endpoint.
sh.AddServiceEndpoint(GetType(ICalculator), b, "WindowsCalculator")

' Clone these credentials.
Dim cloneCredential As ServiceCredentials = sh.Credentials.Clone()

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