IDispatchMessageFormatter Interface


Defines methods that deserialize request messages and serialize response messages in a service application.

public interface class IDispatchMessageFormatter
public interface IDispatchMessageFormatter
type IDispatchMessageFormatter = interface
Public Interface IDispatchMessageFormatter


For a complete example, see Operation Formatter and Operation Selector.


Implement the IDispatchMessageFormatter interface to create a formatter extension that controls the serialization of parameters into a message and the deserialization from a message into parameters in a service application. To insert the custom formatter into the service application, assign the IDispatchMessageFormatter object to the Formatter property using a behavior.


DeserializeRequest(Message, Object[])

Deserializes a message into an array of parameters.

SerializeReply(MessageVersion, Object[], Object)

Serializes a reply message from a specified message version, array of parameters, and a return value.

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