MessageFilter.CreateFilterTable MessageFilter.CreateFilterTable MessageFilter.CreateFilterTable MessageFilter.CreateFilterTable Method


Creates a filter table for a filter that has a specified type of data associated with it.

protected public:
generic <typename FilterData>
 virtual System::ServiceModel::Dispatcher::IMessageFilterTable<FilterData> ^ CreateFilterTable();
protected internal virtual System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.IMessageFilterTable<FilterData> CreateFilterTable<FilterData> ();
abstract member CreateFilterTable : unit -> System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.IMessageFilterTable<'FilterData>
override this.CreateFilterTable : unit -> System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.IMessageFilterTable<'FilterData>
Protected Friend Overridable Function CreateFilterTable(Of FilterData) () As IMessageFilterTable(Of FilterData)

Type Parameters


Data associated with the filters in the table.



An IMessageFilterTable<TFilterData> object to which filters associated with FilterData can be added.


This method is intended to be called by MessageFilterTable<TFilterData>. Users should create a filter table by calling a constructor for the filter table. The default implementation of this method returns a filter table that calls the Match method of each filter sequentially. Override this method to associate a custom filter table when implementing a filter.

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