IContextChannel IContextChannel IContextChannel IContextChannel Interface


Defines the interface for the context control of a channel.

public interface class IContextChannel : System::ServiceModel::Channels::IChannel, System::ServiceModel::IExtensibleObject<System::ServiceModel::IContextChannel ^>
public interface IContextChannel : System.ServiceModel.Channels.IChannel, System.ServiceModel.IExtensibleObject<System.ServiceModel.IContextChannel>
type IContextChannel = interface
    interface IChannel
    interface ICommunicationObject
    interface IExtensibleObject<IContextChannel>
Public Interface IContextChannel
Implements IChannel, IExtensibleObject(Of IContextChannel)


The IContextChannel defines the controls for the context of a channel. This includes the SessionId, InputSession, OutputSession, and AllowOutputBatching for the channel, and the LocalAddress and RemoteAddress for the endpoints participating in the session. The IContextChannel interface forms part of the IServiceChannel and IClientChannel interfaces and of the IDuplexContextChannel interface.


AllowOutputBatching AllowOutputBatching AllowOutputBatching AllowOutputBatching

Gets or sets a value that instructs Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to store a set of messages before giving the messages to the transport.

InputSession InputSession InputSession InputSession

Gets the input session for the channel.

LocalAddress LocalAddress LocalAddress LocalAddress

Gets the local endpoint for the channel.

OperationTimeout OperationTimeout OperationTimeout OperationTimeout

Gets or sets the time period within which an operation must complete or an exception is thrown.

OutputSession OutputSession OutputSession OutputSession

Gets the output session associated with the channel, if any.

RemoteAddress RemoteAddress RemoteAddress RemoteAddress

Gets the remote address associated with the channel.

SessionId SessionId SessionId SessionId

Returns an identifier for the current session, if any.

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