MsmqAuthenticationMode Enum


Specifies the type of authentication used for the binding.

public enum class MsmqAuthenticationMode
public enum MsmqAuthenticationMode
type MsmqAuthenticationMode = 
Public Enum MsmqAuthenticationMode


Certificate 2

The client is authenticated using X.509 certificates. The client certificate must be present in the certificate store of the server.

None 0

No security is used with this binding.

WindowsDomain 1

Kerberos is used for authentication. The client and server must be joined to a trusted domain.


Values from this enumeration are used by the

MsmqAuthenticationMode property to indicate how a message must be authenticated by the MSMQ transport.

If security is turned off by setting the MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqAuthenticationMode property to None, then the MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqProtectionLevel property must also be set to ProtectionLevel.None for consistency.

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