MsmqBindingBase.Scheme Property


Returns the scheme for this binding.

 virtual property System::String ^ Scheme { System::String ^ get(); };
public override string Scheme { get; }
member this.Scheme : string
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Scheme As String

Property Value


The scheme for this binding. The scheme returned depends on the implementation of MsmqBindingBase. The NetMsmqBinding implementation returns "net.msmq". The MsmqIntegrationBinding implementation returns "msmq.formatname".


Message Queuing (MSMQ) supports transporting messages between queue managers using both the native MSMQ protocol and the SRMP protocol. Applications that use the queued transport binding can use both of these protocols. The protocol schemes supported by the queued transport binding are net.msmq for the native protocol, net.srmp for the SRMP protocol, and net.srmps for SRMP over HTTPS.

The MsmqIntegrationBinding supports a single scheme, msmq.formatname, with which the user can specify the format name of the queue directly in the queue address.

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