IssuedTokenServiceCredential IssuedTokenServiceCredential IssuedTokenServiceCredential IssuedTokenServiceCredential Class


Allows a service to configure properties associated with the federated credential presented by the client.

public ref class IssuedTokenServiceCredential
public class IssuedTokenServiceCredential
type IssuedTokenServiceCredential = class
Public Class IssuedTokenServiceCredential


This class allows the user to control how SAML tokens presented to the service get authenticated.


AllowedAudienceUris AllowedAudienceUris AllowedAudienceUris AllowedAudienceUris

Gets a collection of strings that specify named users of a service.

AllowUntrustedRsaIssuers AllowUntrustedRsaIssuers AllowUntrustedRsaIssuers AllowUntrustedRsaIssuers

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to allow untrusted RSA token issuers.

AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode

Gets an enumerated value that indicates whether the audience restriction condition should be validated.

CertificateValidationMode CertificateValidationMode CertificateValidationMode CertificateValidationMode

Gets or sets the certificate validation mode.

CustomCertificateValidator CustomCertificateValidator CustomCertificateValidator CustomCertificateValidator

Gets or sets a custom X.509 certificate validator.

KnownCertificates KnownCertificates KnownCertificates KnownCertificates

Gets a list of known certificates.

RevocationMode RevocationMode RevocationMode RevocationMode

Gets or sets the revocation mode.

SamlSerializer SamlSerializer SamlSerializer SamlSerializer

Gets or sets the custom SamlSerializer for issued service credentials.

TrustedStoreLocation TrustedStoreLocation TrustedStoreLocation TrustedStoreLocation

Gets or sets the trusted store location.


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