UserNamePasswordClientCredential UserNamePasswordClientCredential UserNamePasswordClientCredential UserNamePasswordClientCredential Class


Represents a client credential based on user name and password.

public ref class UserNamePasswordClientCredential sealed
public sealed class UserNamePasswordClientCredential
type UserNamePasswordClientCredential = class
Public NotInheritable Class UserNamePasswordClientCredential


This class enables the user to configure the user name and password for a WCFChannelFactory credential when using user name/password authentication. If the channel factory's binding is not configured to use user name/password-based authentication, the user name and password are not used. If the channel factory's binding is configured to use federated security that requires getting an issued token from a security token service, the user name and password are also presented to the security token service if it requires user name/password authentication.


Password Password Password Password

Gets or sets the password.

UserName UserName UserName UserName

Gets or sets the user name.


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