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JsonDocument.TryParseValue(Utf8JsonReader, JsonDocument) Method


Attempts to parse one JSON value (including objects or arrays) from the provided reader.

 static bool TryParseValue(System::Text::Json::Utf8JsonReader % reader, [Runtime::InteropServices::Out] System::Text::Json::JsonDocument ^ % document);
public static bool TryParseValue (ref System.Text.Json.Utf8JsonReader reader, out System.Text.Json.JsonDocument? document);
public static bool TryParseValue (ref System.Text.Json.Utf8JsonReader reader, out System.Text.Json.JsonDocument document);
static member TryParseValue : Utf8JsonReader * JsonDocument -> bool
Public Shared Function TryParseValue (ByRef reader As Utf8JsonReader, ByRef document As JsonDocument) As Boolean



The reader to read.


When the method returns, contains the parsed document.


true if a value was read and parsed into a JsonDocument; false if the reader ran out of data while parsing. All other situations result in an exception being thrown.


reader contains unsupported options.


The current reader token does not start or represent a value.

A value could not be read from the reader.


If the TokenType property of reader is JsonTokenType.PropertyName or JsonTokenType.None, the reader will advance by one call to Utf8JsonReader.Read() to determine the start of the value.

Upon completion of this method, reader is positioned at the final token in the JSON value. If an exception is thrown or false is returned, the reader is reset to the state it was in when the method was called.

This method makes a copy of the data the reader acted on, so there is no caller requirement to maintain data integrity beyond the return of this method.

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