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Utf8JsonReader.GetString Method


Reads the next JSON token value from the source unescaped and transcodes it as a string.

 System::String ^ GetString();
public string? GetString ();
public string GetString ();
member this.GetString : unit -> string
Public Function GetString () As String


The token value parsed to a string, or null if TokenType is Null.


The JSON token value isn't a string (that is, not a String, PropertyName, or Null).


The JSON string contains invalid UTF-8 bytes or invalid UTF-16 surrogates.


Returns null when TokenType is JsonTokenType.Null.

If you're using .NET 7 or a later version and performance is a concern, consider using the Utf8JsonReader.CopyString method instead. CopyString avoids allocating a new string each time the method is called.

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