TaskCompletionSource<TResult>.Task Property


Gets the Task<TResult> created by this TaskCompletionSource<TResult>.

 property System::Threading::Tasks::Task<TResult> ^ Task { System::Threading::Tasks::Task<TResult> ^ get(); };
public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult> Task { get; }
member this.Task : System.Threading.Tasks.Task<'Result>
Public ReadOnly Property Task As Task(Of TResult)

Property Value


This property enables a consumer to access the Task<TResult> that is controlled by this instance. When you create a TaskCompletionSource<TResult> object, the Status property of this Task<TResult> object returns WaitingForActivation

The SetResult, SetException, SetException, and SetCanceled methods (and their "Try" variants) on this instance all result in the relevant state transitions on this underlying Task.

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