IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification.SinglePhaseCommit(SinglePhaseEnlistment) Method


Notifies an enlisted object that the transaction is being committed.

 void SinglePhaseCommit(System::Transactions::SinglePhaseEnlistment ^ enlistment);
public void SinglePhaseCommit (System.Transactions.SinglePhaseEnlistment enlistment);
abstract member SinglePhaseCommit : System.Transactions.SinglePhaseEnlistment -> unit
Public Sub SinglePhaseCommit (enlistment As SinglePhaseEnlistment)



A SinglePhaseEnlistment interface used to send a response to the transaction manager.


This method notifies an enlisted object that the transaction is to be committed.

The singlePhaseEnlistment parameters contain callbacks that allow the implementation of this interface to notify the transaction manager of the outcome of the transaction, since the transaction manager has delegated control of the transaction. In the case of a promoted transaction, the transaction manager listens to the transaction outcome and overrides the response being sent.

On receiving this notification, the resource manager should attempt to commit it's internal transaction (or the distributed transaction if it has been escalated), and invoke one of the callback methods on the singlePhaseEnlistment parameter based on the outcome of committing it's transaction.

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