TransactionManager.DistributedTransactionStarted Event


Indicates that a distributed transaction has started.

 static event System::Transactions::TransactionStartedEventHandler ^ DistributedTransactionStarted;
public static event System.Transactions.TransactionStartedEventHandler? DistributedTransactionStarted;
public static event System.Transactions.TransactionStartedEventHandler DistributedTransactionStarted;
member this.DistributedTransactionStarted : System.Transactions.TransactionStartedEventHandler 
Public Shared Custom Event DistributedTransactionStarted As TransactionStartedEventHandler 

Event Type



Caution Signing up for this event degrades the performance of all distributed transactions. Local transactions are not monitored as performance is affected even more.

Note This method uses LinkDemand to prevent it from being called from untrusted code; however, only the immediate caller is required to possess the FullTrust permission set.

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