HttpCachePolicy.SetOmitVaryStar(Boolean) Method


Specifies whether the response should contain the vary:* header when varying by parameters.

 void SetOmitVaryStar(bool omit);
public void SetOmitVaryStar (bool omit);
member this.SetOmitVaryStar : bool -> unit
Public Sub SetOmitVaryStar (omit As Boolean)



true to direct the HttpCachePolicy to not use the * value for its VaryByHeaders property; otherwise, false.


This method allows you to prevent the output ached from adding a vary:* header to the outgoing response when the cached response varies by parameter. This is useful for clients varying caching by query string because most clients will automatically vary by query string without requiring the vary:* header.


The use of the vary:* header can disable all client caching.

This is a convenience method to affect the VaryByHeaders property. Passing true to the method directs the HttpCachePolicy to ignore the * value for the VaryByHeaders property.

SetOmitVaryStar is introduced in the .NET Framework version 3.5. For more information, see Versions and Dependencies.

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