CodeConstructType CodeConstructType CodeConstructType CodeConstructType Enum


Specifies the code constructs that can be parsed in the ProcessCodeConstruct(CodeConstructType, String) method of the PageParserFilter class.

public enum class CodeConstructType
public enum CodeConstructType
type CodeConstructType = 
Public Enum CodeConstructType


CodeSnippet CodeSnippet CodeSnippet CodeSnippet 0

An expression in <% ...%> tags.

DataBindingSnippet DataBindingSnippet DataBindingSnippet DataBindingSnippet 2

An expression in <%= ... %> tags.

EncodedExpressionSnippet EncodedExpressionSnippet EncodedExpressionSnippet EncodedExpressionSnippet 4

An expression in <%: ... %> tags.

ExpressionSnippet ExpressionSnippet ExpressionSnippet ExpressionSnippet 1

An expression in <%# ... %> tags.

ScriptTag ScriptTag ScriptTag ScriptTag 3

An expression in a script element that contains the runat="server" attribute.


When you process a code construct by using the ProcessCodeConstruct method of the PageParserFilter class, return true if you do not want to process the code construct further.

For more information, see Versions and Dependencies.

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