DataBoundLiteralControl.ITextControl.Text DataBoundLiteralControl.ITextControl.Text DataBoundLiteralControl.ITextControl.Text Property


Gets or sets the text content of the DataBoundLiteralControl object.

property System::String ^ System::Web::UI::ITextControl::Text { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
string System.Web.UI.ITextControl.Text { get; set; }
 Property Text As String Implements ITextControl.Text

Property Value

A String that represents the text content of the DataBoundLiteralControl.




This implementation of the ITextControl interface returns the value of the Text property. The value of the Text property is persisted in the view state.

The DataBoundLiteralControl object implements ITextControl but does not support the set method on the Text property. All attempts to use this method will return a NotSupportedException exception.

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