ChartArea3DStyle ChartArea3DStyle ChartArea3DStyle ChartArea3DStyle Class


Manages the display attributes for three-dimensional (3D) chart areas.

public ref class ChartArea3DStyle
public class ChartArea3DStyle
type ChartArea3DStyle = class
Public Class ChartArea3DStyle


This class provides the styles for 3D chart areas, and is exposed using the Area3DStyle property.

To enable 3D for a chart area, set the Enable3D property to true. This causes 3D to be applied to all data series drawn in a chart area.

An isometric projection of a chart area can be displayed by setting the IsRightAngleAxes property to true, which is the default. Isometric views are not actually 3D, because the displayed angles of rotation may not match the actual angles of rotation around the vertical and horizontal axes. The actual angles are controlled using the Rotation and Inclination properties, respectively.

For more information about isometric projections, see the Remarks section of the IsRightAngleAxes property.

You can also use this class to:

  • Cluster bar and column chart data series using the IsClustered property.

  • Control the lighting effects using the LightStyle property.

  • Set the width of chart area walls using the WallWidth property.

  • Set the amount of perspective with the Perspective property.

  • Control the depth of data points and the distance between data rows using the PointDepth and PointGapDepth properties, respectively.

  • Rotate a chart area using the Inclination and Rotation properties.

To work with coordinates of 3D points, use the Point3D class.

When a chart is set to 3D, the following chart features are not valid:

  • Scale breaks

  • Gradients

  • Scrolling and zooming


ChartArea3DStyle() ChartArea3DStyle() ChartArea3DStyle() ChartArea3DStyle()

Initializes a new instance of the ChartArea3DStyle class.

ChartArea3DStyle(ChartArea) ChartArea3DStyle(ChartArea) ChartArea3DStyle(ChartArea) ChartArea3DStyle(ChartArea)

Initializes a new instance of the ChartArea3DStyle class using the chartArea parameter.


Enable3D Enable3D Enable3D Enable3D

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the flag toggles the 3D on and off for a chart area.

Inclination Inclination Inclination Inclination

Gets or sets the angle of rotation around the horizontal axes for 3D chart areas.

IsClustered IsClustered IsClustered IsClustered

Gets or sets a flag that determines whether data series for a bar or column chart are clustered; that is, displayed along distinct rows.

IsRightAngleAxes IsRightAngleAxes IsRightAngleAxes IsRightAngleAxes

Gets or sets a flag that determines whether a chart area is displayed using an isometric projection.

LightStyle LightStyle LightStyle LightStyle

Gets or sets the type of lighting for a 3D chart area.

Perspective Perspective Perspective Perspective

Gets or sets the percent of perspective for a 3D chart area.

PointDepth PointDepth PointDepth PointDepth

Gets or sets the depth of data points displayed in a 3D chart area.

PointGapDepth PointGapDepth PointGapDepth PointGapDepth

Gets or sets the distance between series rows in a 3D chart area.

Rotation Rotation Rotation Rotation

Gets or sets the angle of rotation around the vertical axes for 3D chart areas.

WallWidth WallWidth WallWidth WallWidth

Gets or sets the width of the walls displayed in a 3D chart area.


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