ChartElementType Enum


Specifies a chart element type.

public enum class ChartElementType
public enum ChartElementType
type ChartElementType = 
Public Enum ChartElementType


Annotation 16

Any object derived from the Annotation class.

Axis 3

An Axis object.

AxisLabelImage 7

An Axis label image.

AxisLabels 8

An Axis label.

AxisTitle 9

An Axis title.

DataPoint 10

A DataPoint object.

DataPointLabel 11

A series DataPoint label.

Gridlines 5

Any major or minor grid line, either vertical or horizontal.

LegendArea 12

The area inside a Legend object. Does not include the space occupied by legend items.

LegendHeader 14

A Legend header.

LegendItem 15

A LegendItem object.

LegendTitle 13

A Legend title.

Nothing 0

No chart element.

PlottingArea 2

The plotting area, which is the chart area excluding axes, labels, and so on. Also excludes the regions that data points might occupy.

StripLines 6

A StripLine object.

TickMarks 4

Any major or minor TickMark object.

Title 1

The title of a Chart.

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