RegisteredScriptType RegisteredScriptType RegisteredScriptType RegisteredScriptType Enum


Specifies the type of client script block that is represented by a RegisteredScript object.

public enum class RegisteredScriptType
public enum RegisteredScriptType
type RegisteredScriptType = 
Public Enum RegisteredScriptType


ClientScriptBlock ClientScriptBlock ClientScriptBlock ClientScriptBlock 1

A block of client code that executes one time during initial page rendering. A client script block of this type does not execute during partial-page updates.

ClientScriptInclude ClientScriptInclude ClientScriptInclude ClientScriptInclude 0

A client script that executes every time that an asynchronous postback occurs.

ClientStartupScript ClientStartupScript ClientStartupScript ClientStartupScript 2

A client script that is associated with a control that executes when the control starts.

OnSubmitStatement OnSubmitStatement OnSubmitStatement OnSubmitStatement 3

A client script that executes when a page is submitted.


The script type indicates when the script is intended to be executed. This can be during page initialization, during page postback, during control startup, and so on.

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