WebPart.WebBrowsableObject Property


Gets a reference to the WebPart control to enable it to be edited by custom EditorPart controls.

 virtual property System::Object ^ WebBrowsableObject { System::Object ^ get(); };
public virtual object WebBrowsableObject { get; }
member this.WebBrowsableObject : obj
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property WebBrowsableObject As Object

Property Value

A Object that consists of the child control of a WebPart control.




If you create a custom WebPart control, and also create related custom EditorPart controls to enable users to edit the control at run time, you must implement the IWebEditable interface, which includes the WebBrowsableObject property.

When the WebPart control enters edit mode, the WebBrowsableObject property is called by an EditorZone control to get a reference to the WebPart control and enable the custom EditorPart controls to edit it.

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