WebPartVerb.IStateManager.SaveViewState Method


Implements the SaveViewState() method by calling the WebPartVerb class's own SaveViewState() method.

 virtual System::Object ^ System.Web.UI.IStateManager.SaveViewState() = System::Web::UI::IStateManager::SaveViewState;
object IStateManager.SaveViewState ();
abstract member System.Web.UI.IStateManager.SaveViewState : unit -> obj
override this.System.Web.UI.IStateManager.SaveViewState : unit -> obj
Function SaveViewState () As Object Implements IStateManager.SaveViewState



Returns an Object containing the control's current view state. If no view state is associated with the control, this method returns null.



This member is an explicit interface member implementation. It can be used only when the WebPartVerb instance is cast to an IStateManager interface. The method simply calls the SaveViewState method on the WebPartVerb class.

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