VirtualPathUtility.RemoveTrailingSlash(String) VirtualPathUtility.RemoveTrailingSlash(String) VirtualPathUtility.RemoveTrailingSlash(String) VirtualPathUtility.RemoveTrailingSlash(String) Method


Removes a trailing slash mark (/) from a virtual path.

 static System::String ^ RemoveTrailingSlash(System::String ^ virtualPath);
public static string RemoveTrailingSlash (string virtualPath);
static member RemoveTrailingSlash : string -> string
Public Shared Function RemoveTrailingSlash (virtualPath As String) As String


String String String String

The virtual path to remove any trailing slash mark from.


A virtual path without a trailing slash mark, if the virtual path is not already the root directory ("/"); otherwise, null.


The RemoveTrailingSlash method removes a slash mark (/) from the end of the virtual path. If the virtual path is already the root directory ("/"), no action is taken. If the virtual path is null or an empty string (""), the RemoveTrailingSlash method returns null.

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