AutomationElement.GetRuntimeId Method


Retrieves the unique identifier assigned to the user interface (UI) item.

 cli::array <int> ^ GetRuntimeId();
public int[] GetRuntimeId ();
member this.GetRuntimeId : unit -> int[]
Public Function GetRuntimeId () As Integer()



An array of integers representing the run-time identifier.


The UI for the AutomationElement no longer exists.


The following example shows how to retrieve the run-time identifier of an AutomationElement.

// element is an AutomationElement.
int[] id = element.GetRuntimeId();
' element is an AutomationElement.
Dim id As Integer() = element.GetRuntimeId()


The identifier is only guaranteed to be unique to the UI of the desktop on which it was generated. Identifiers can be reused over time.

The format of run-time identifiers might change in future releases. The returned identifier should be treated as an opaque value and used only for comparison; for example, to determine whether an AutomationElement is in the cache.

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