ExpandCollapsePattern.Cached Property


Gets the cached UI Automation property values for this ExpandCollapsePattern.

 property System::Windows::Automation::ExpandCollapsePattern::ExpandCollapsePatternInformation Cached { System::Windows::Automation::ExpandCollapsePattern::ExpandCollapsePatternInformation get(); };
public System.Windows.Automation.ExpandCollapsePattern.ExpandCollapsePatternInformation Cached { get; }
member this.Cached : System.Windows.Automation.ExpandCollapsePattern.ExpandCollapsePatternInformation
Public ReadOnly Property Cached As ExpandCollapsePattern.ExpandCollapsePatternInformation

Property Value

A structure containing the cached UI Automation property values for the control pattern.


The requested property is not in the cache.


Cached property values must have been previously requested using a CacheRequest. Use Current to get the current value of a property.

For information on the properties available and their use, see SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformation.

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