RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation Struct


Provides access to the property values of a RangeValuePattern object using its Current or Cached accessors.

public: value class RangeValuePattern::RangeValuePatternInformation
public struct RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation
type RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation = struct
Public Structure RangeValuePattern.RangeValuePatternInformation


IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly

Gets a value that specifies whether the value of a UI Automation element is read-only.

LargeChange LargeChange LargeChange LargeChange

Gets the control-specific large-change value which is added to or subtracted from the Value property.

Maximum Maximum Maximum Maximum

Gets the maximum range value supported by the UI Automation element.

Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum

Gets the minimum range value supported by the UI Automation element.

SmallChange SmallChange SmallChange SmallChange

Gets the small-change value, unique to the UI Automation element, which is added to or subtracted from the elements Value property.

Value Value Value Value

Gets the current value of the UI Automation element.

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