WindowInteractionState WindowInteractionState WindowInteractionState WindowInteractionState Enum


Contains values that specify the current state of the window for purposes of user or programmatic interaction.

public enum class WindowInteractionState
public enum WindowInteractionState
type WindowInteractionState = 
Public Enum WindowInteractionState


BlockedByModalWindow BlockedByModalWindow BlockedByModalWindow BlockedByModalWindow 3

Indicates that the window is blocked by a modal window.

Closing Closing Closing Closing 1

Indicates that the window is closing.

NotResponding NotResponding NotResponding NotResponding 4

Indicates that the window is not responding.

ReadyForUserInteraction ReadyForUserInteraction ReadyForUserInteraction ReadyForUserInteraction 2

Indicates that the window is ready for user interaction.

Running Running Running Running 0

Indicates that the window is running. This does not guarantee that the window is responding or ready for user interaction.

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