BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions Enum


Provides a set of values that describes how the dispatcher responds to failures that are encountered while requesting processing.

public: enum class BaseCompatibilityPreferences::HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions
public enum BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions
type BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions = 
Public Enum BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions


Continue 0

Continue after the failure.

This is the default value. It defines the behavior of the Windows Presentation Foundation dispatcher prior to the .NET Framework 4.7.1. The dispatcher may become unresponsive when this option is selected.

Reset 2

Reset the dispatcher's state to try another request the next time one is needed.

While this option can sometimes "repair" unresponsiveness, it cannot honor the usual timing of processing, which can be crucial. Selecting this option can lead to unexpected behavior.

Throw 1

Throw an exception.

This option immediately brings the problem to the application developer's attention.


The Windows Presentation Foundation dispatcher reacts to failures that it encounters when requesting processing by setting a timer or posting messages to itself. These operations can fail if the underlying operating system resources are exhausted, which causes the dispatcher to become unresponsive. A BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailureOptions enumeration value can be assigned to the BaseCompatibilityPreferences.HandleDispatcherRequestProcessingFailure property to aid in diagnosing the cause of this unresponsiveness.

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