DataGridSelectionMode DataGridSelectionMode DataGridSelectionMode DataGridSelectionMode Enum


Defines constants that specify whether single or multiple item selections are supported by a DataGrid control.

public enum class DataGridSelectionMode
public enum DataGridSelectionMode
type DataGridSelectionMode = 
Public Enum DataGridSelectionMode


Extended Extended Extended Extended 1

Multiple items in the DataGrid can be selected at the same time.

Single Single Single Single 0

Only one item in the DataGrid can be selected at a time.


The SelectionMode and SelectionUnit properties together determine how users can select items in a DataGrid. For example, if the SelectionMode is Single and the SelectionUnit is DataGridSelectionUnit, the user can select one cell at a time in the Cell.

InExtended mode, select multiple items by holding down the SHIFT key to extend the selection from an anchor point or the CTRL key to individually select additional items.

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