DatePicker.SelectedDate DatePicker.SelectedDate DatePicker.SelectedDate DatePicker.SelectedDate Property


Gets or sets the currently selected date.

 property Nullable<DateTime> SelectedDate { Nullable<DateTime> get(); void set(Nullable<DateTime> value); };
public Nullable<DateTime> SelectedDate { get; set; }
member this.SelectedDate : Nullable<DateTime> with get, set
Public Property SelectedDate As Nullable(Of DateTime)

Property Value

The date currently selected. The default is null.


The specified date is not in the range defined by DisplayDateStart and DisplayDateEnd, or the specified date is in the BlackoutDates collection.


The following example creates a DatePicker that has the date August 10, 2009 selected. The example also binds the DatePicker.Text property to a TextBlock.

  <DatePicker Name="datePicker"

  <TextBlock Text="{Binding ElementName=datePicker, Path=Text}"/>


This property affects the Calendar of the DatePicker. For more information, see the Calendar.SelectedDate property.

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field SelectedDateProperty
Metadata properties set to true BindsTwoWayByDefault

XAML Attribute Usage

<DatePicker SelectedDate="dateTimeString"/>  

XAML Values

A date that is in one of the formats that are listed in the DateTime XAML Syntax topic.

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