DatePicker.SelectedDateFormat Property


Gets or sets the format that is used to display the selected date.

 property System::Windows::Controls::DatePickerFormat SelectedDateFormat { System::Windows::Controls::DatePickerFormat get(); void set(System::Windows::Controls::DatePickerFormat value); };
public System.Windows.Controls.DatePickerFormat SelectedDateFormat { get; set; }
member this.SelectedDateFormat : System.Windows.Controls.DatePickerFormat with get, set
Public Property SelectedDateFormat As DatePickerFormat

Property Value


The format that is used to display the selected date. The default is Long.


The specified format is not valid.


The following example creates that DatePicker that displays the date using unabbreviated days of the week and month names.

DatePicker datePickerFor2009 = new DatePicker();
datePickerFor2009.SelectedDate = new DateTime(2009, 3, 23);
datePickerFor2009.DisplayDateStart = new DateTime(2009, 1, 1);
datePickerFor2009.DisplayDateEnd = new DateTime(2009, 12, 31);
datePickerFor2009.SelectedDateFormat = DatePickerFormat.Long;
datePickerFor2009.FirstDayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Monday;

// root is a Panel that is defined elsewhere.
Dim datePickerFor2009 As New DatePicker()
datePickerFor2009.SelectedDate = New DateTime(2009, 3, 23)
datePickerFor2009.DisplayDateStart = New DateTime(2009, 1, 1)
datePickerFor2009.DisplayDateEnd = New DateTime(2009, 12, 31)
datePickerFor2009.SelectedDateFormat = DatePickerFormat.[Long]
datePickerFor2009.FirstDayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Monday

' root is a Panel that is defined elsewhere. 
<!-- A DatePicker that has March 23, 2009 selected and 
           displays the Long date format. -->
<DatePicker SelectedDateFormat="Long" SelectedDate="3/23/09"
                  DisplayDateStart="1/01/09" DisplayDateEnd="12/31/09" 


Dependency Property Information

Identifier field SelectedDateFormatProperty
Metadata properties set to true None

XAML Attribute Usage

<DatePicker SelectedDateFormat="DatePickerFormat"/>

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