GridViewColumnHeader.OnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs) Method


Provides class handling for the MouseMove event that occurs when the user moves the mouse within a GridViewColumnHeader.

 override void OnMouseMove(System::Windows::Input::MouseEventArgs ^ e);
protected override void OnMouseMove (System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e);
override this.OnMouseMove : System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub OnMouseMove (e As MouseEventArgs)



The event data.


This implementation keeps the left mouse button in a pressed state while a GridViewColumn is moved by a drag-and-drop operation. This also causes the IsPressed property of the GridViewColumnHeader to remain set to true when the mouse with its left mouse button pressed moves off the header.

This implementation keeps the Handled event argument set to false for the MouseMove event so that the GridViewHeaderRowPresenter.OnMouseMove method can support the drag-and-drop operation that moves a column.

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