DataObjectCopyingEventHandler Delegate


Represents a method that will handle the Copying attached event.

public delegate void DataObjectCopyingEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, DataObjectCopyingEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void DataObjectCopyingEventHandler(object sender, DataObjectCopyingEventArgs e);
type DataObjectCopyingEventHandler = delegate of obj * DataObjectCopyingEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub DataObjectCopyingEventHandler(sender As Object, e As DataObjectCopyingEventArgs)



The object where the event handler is attached.


The event data.


The Copying attached event occurs when a copy operation has finished converting the selected content into all specified data formats, has stored all data formats in the associated data object, and is ready to put the data object on the system clipboard or to begin a drag operation.

A Copying attached event handler method typically inspects the contents of the data object passed in as an event argument, and performs custom operations on the data object, such as adding, removing, or modifying data formats. This handler method may also cancel the copying event by calling CancelCommand.

Extension Methods


Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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